Breakaway to the Bahamas!

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This winter Erin and I found ourselves cruising the high seas towards the breathtaking Bahamas. Upon arrival we were bombarded with suggestions (some more like demands) to rent one form of conveyance or another. After careful consideration we chose a racing red scooter with matching neon yellow helmets. Safety first, fashion second!

Excited to explore the island, we hopped on our red rocket and zipped out of town. Upon further reflection, our race machine probably wasn’t meant to carry our combined weight of 350 lbs. It did, however, hold up pretty well considering the abuse of bottoming out over speed bumps, grinding the kickstand on pavement while leaning into roundabouts and driving like the locals. Erin squeezed the life out of me while hanging on. I thought she would have more confidence in me, I only ran out of gas once.

After emerging unscathed from our scooter adventure, we decided to turn in our little racer and hoof it to check out the local shops. Instead of practicing our P’s and Q’s, we worked on our Arrrr’s, and headed to the Pirate Museum where we found the best treasure yet. A sweet adult trike with all the necessities….a luggage rack (maybe?) on back, a basket in the front, a bell, mirror and light. Most importantly, the owner had safely secured his bike and light to prevent theft… first!

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