Erin’s Favorite Road Saddle

slr lady flow If you have ever been 40 miles into an 80 mile ride on the wrong saddle, you know how important saddle choice can be. If you experience numbness, aching or pain down your legs quickly, FIND ANOTHER SADDLE! Selle Italia’s SLR Lady Flow saddle keeps Erin happy and on her bike. After trying countless “favorite” saddle recommendations made by friends and other cyclists, Erin finally came across the Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow. The SLR Lady Flow saddle is made with a large center cut out to decrease pelvic pressure, foam padding for cushioning covered by long lasting, abrasion resistant leather. This saddle is lightweight and sleek, but if you aren’t used to a slim road saddle it may take your sit bones a little getting used to. The SLR Lady Flow is definitely on the top of our list of Breakaway favorites!

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