Breakaway from Park to Park

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park to parkBreakaway Bicycles recently enjoyed the opportunity to join Winter Park’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Board and one hundred other guests on a fun jaunt around Winter Park to celebrate “Bike to work” week! We excitedly prepared our bikes Thursday night, mounted our favorite Topeak rack and compatible bag to carry extra tubes and tools in case anyone was in need. Unfortunately as we slept that night, dreaming of sweet single track and carbon wheels a chilly little cold front came through. Being the Florida natives, upon waking up the next morning we were scrambling for gloves and hats. With plenty of time to spare we hopped on our well packed Marins and headed out the door.

Despite the cold weather, we were happy to see nearly all of the one hundred cyclists who signed up ready to ride. We chatted with other local cyclists, bike shop representatives and fixed a few riders’ last minute mechanicals and bike mishaps. The ride commenced with our police escort. Everyone cruised leisurely, chatting and just enjoying Winter Park’s beautiful scenery. The route included a ride through Hannibal Square, a lap around scenic Lake Mendesen, down S. Denning Drive to Mead Gardens which will soon become part of the marked Orlando Commuter Trail. The group then meandered back towards Park Avenue and the end of the ride. Overall the Park to Park was a successful ride, but a great plus was observing the sprint finish made by the little one who had toughed out the ride on training wheels! To find out about more bicycle events check out our events page at

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