Our #1 Choice for helmets!

KaliprotectivesThe answer was simple for her. First and foremost was the protection of the helmet. Based on the construction of the helmet, Kali’s ability to absorb the energy of an impact was superior to Erin’s other helmets. There are two important parts of a helmet, the shell and an energy absorbing foam. Most helmet companies form the shell and the foam in different molds and then bond or glue them together afterwards which may cause air pockets or empty space that fails to absorb impact. Kali Protectives‘ energy absorbing foam is formed inside the actual shell allowing it to bond more completely without gaps or a third party glue. And why is this so important? This is a big deal, now, with no gap or third party bonding agent, impact energy is transferred directly to the foam resulting in a more efficient and evenly dispersed shock absorption with greatly reduced potential for failure. This technology will work to keep your head in the game!

Of course it’s important to protect your noggin, however Erin had a few other reasons why she chose her Kali helmet. One, it was light weight and comfortable, no headaches while riding or weird indents left after taking the helmet off. Two, the helmet allowed for superior ventilation which is obviously very important in Florida. Lastly, Kali helmets look sweet and didn’t make Erin look like a mushroom head! Come today and try out your new Kali helmet, you won’t be disappointed!

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