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Breakaway Bicycles – Orlando, Bike Shop

erin mike breakawayAfter coming home from his second deployment to the Middle East, Mike and I dreamed of opening our own business. With my passion for racing and his love for cruising we made a goal of not only growing the sport of cycling, but also bringing the family, the community, and the every day fun back into this sport! We decided to breakaway from what everyone says a bike shop should be because we are more than just your average bicycle shop.

While out cruising the streets of Winter Park one evening, we came across a location that was meant to be Breakaway Bicycles. With a lot of planning and hours of manual labor we are ready to share this dream with you. We are not just a road, mountain bike or cruiser shop. We are your shop, your community bicycle shop. So stop in and say hi! Hang out and watch some t.v., and find out what fun events we have planned as Winter Park’s community bicycle shop!

Meet the staff!

photo 2(2)Owner/Slave Driver/Man in Charge, Mike Harris is a third generation Orlando resident, Army Veteran, Bronze Star recipient, as well as outdoor enthusiast. After returning from his second deployment in Iraq he came home with the goal of opening a business of his own. When he’s not working his two other jobs as a Subject Matter Expert for Cubic Defense and as a sniper section leader for the Florida National Guard, he can be found at the bike shop or sneaking away on some crazy adventure with Erin. Always quick to laugh and tell stories, Mike is one of the many things that make this bike shop always feel welcoming and fun!


erin soasOwner/Manager/Mechanic/boss lady, The best way to describe Erin is as the heart of Breakaway Bicycles. She loves all things cycling starting with her true love of racing mountain bikes to leisurely cruising. Erin is a big advocate of developing the sport of cycling and performs cycling clinics for women and youth. She moved back to Central Florida to open Breakaway Bicycles with Mike after spending a few years managing St. Pete Bicycles down in St. Petersburg, FL. After taking the last two years to focus on the shop, Erin has begun training again to compete in racing, so if you’re looking to ride give her shout as she’s always looking for new training buddies!






Natasha – Sales, mountain biker, commuter. When this Winter Park gal isn’t working she’s going like crazy! Natasha is the epitome of the high school athlete and scholar. When she isn’t at soccer or lacrosse practice, she’s studying for her AP classes, working at the shop, finding time to go sailing with her dad, and even sneaking away to hit some mountain bike trails. She even speaks fluent French! If you are in the area, stop by and Natasha will help find you the perfect bike and accessories to go with it. Don’t need anything? No worries, stop by anyway because her smile is guaranteed to brighten your day!







Joseph – Sales, Shop Mascot! You may often see Joseph zipping through town on his Marin hybrid to go to the candy shop and Starbucks after school. He enjoys playing many sports, but is looking forward to learning wrestling from Mike the most. When we can pin him down and bring him to work he keeps the shop in tip top shape, keeping Erin in line by making sure she doesn’t mess up his clean counter. He loves working with Steven to learn the mechanical tricks of the trade. Be careful though as he can be a trickster and likes to turn the picture on the computer screen upside down and watch Erin try to figure out how to fix it.

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