How to get her into cycling for life…

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Have you ever taken a friend out on her first mountain bike ride and it turned out being possibly one of the most miserable experiences ever? From your perspective, you were patient, encouraging, and the model coach. From her perspective, … Continue reading

Why wait…just race!

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Blog – Why wait, just race! I lean my bike into the turn, sliding slightly on damp leaves and pray that I can correct it rather than continue to go sliding into the roots and rocks littering the trail, which … Continue reading

Building Community, More than just bikes!

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Blog – Building Community, more than just bikes I first began mountain biking in a way that I assume many women start, with a male friend that quickly regrets his decision to bring a girl on his weekly mountain bike … Continue reading

Meet Erin


Blog – Do’s and Don’t s of opening a bike shop My name is Erin Deemer. I am an avid cyclist as well as co-owner, mechanic, manager, and sales gal of Breakaway Bicycles in Winter Park, Florida. I got into … Continue reading