Mountain Bike Clinics

womens mtn bike clinicBreakaway Bicycles wants to see more riders enjoying Florida’s mountain bike trails. We conduct all women’s, beginner, and youth mountain bike clinics. Our clinics last approximately 3 hours where we focus on teaching bike handling techniques, cornering and technical trail skills. Stay after the clinic to break into groups to try out your skills! Our clinics are scheduled monthly and begin at 9 am, make sure you get there a bit early so you don’t hold anyone up! Can’t wait to see you on the trails!

Bicycle Repair and Flat Tire Clincs

mechanicA clean and tuned bike is a happy bike! Have you ever noticed that when your bike is clean that it seems to ride better? Faster? Or is this all in our heads? Well maybe, but maybe not! Riding causes a few things happen to your bike that can cause your components to wear quicker. As you ride the cable housing on your bike compresses, this creates “cable stretch”. When cable stretch occurs the alignment of your derailleur and cassette may become slightly off causing your bike to hesitate to shift and your gears to wear down quicker. In addition proper gear adjustment, a clean and properly lubricated chain is going to run smoother on your cassette and crank, while a dirty and dry chain will again wear your components faster. Breakaway Bicycles wants your bike to be able to last you many years and bring you many happy memories, that’s why we offer free maintenance and flat tire clinics to keep your bike in tip top shape and keep you on the road! Check our Facebook page for our scheduled clinics.