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You are unique, your own person! Then why should your bike look like everyone else! We believe that your bicycle represent your personality! That’s why Breakaway Bicycles offers a wide variety of high quality cruisers for every personality! Whether you a wanting to ride on the beach or cruise around Orlando, a cruiser is a great way to relax, check out the scenery and get around!


Phat Cycles is an independent cycling company creating unique beach cruisers for the shore and beyond. The lineup of affordably-priced bikes designed at the company headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, make every ride an experience with no compromises in quality or comfort. From your extravagant to your simple and elegant, Phat cycles has an option for you in a variety of colors and styles.



KilroyNirve Sports, pronounced as /nɜrv/ or [nurv], is a leading maker of high quality cruiser bicycles. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Nirve has been making fashion bicycles since 1999. In addition to our own extensive line of bicycles, we have partnered with leading lifestyle brands and artists such as Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, Coca-Cola, Robert August, Barris Kustoms, Corey Miller, as well as others, to bring a unique blend of fun and fashion to the sport of cycling.