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Riding out in trailer style!

Like many newthule chinook mom’s, I was eager to get back on the bike and in shape soon after Charlotte was born. Unfortunately, between working at the shop and Mike being gone on military orders, the time to hop on the road bike or hit the trails was pretty scarce. However, cycling is my stress relief, so it was necessary for me to find a way. I began to research bike trailers.

As we are a growing family, I knew that we would need a trailer that could hold two children. Although I typically ride my own bike in the road, I wasn’t keen on pulling a child trailer down the roads of Winter Park or Orlando and wanted the option to hit some dirt roads or trails when I could. With these requirements in mind, I research and tested several trailers, and finally came to the decision to purchase the Thule Chariot Chinook 2. I am excited to share the result of that purchase with you.

Like many bicycle trailers, the Chinook front wheel has a pivot and locking mode for jogging or strolling and folds away or is removable for cycling. The full side window vents are very important for temperature control, and it comes equipped with many goodies including 1st year of life accessories of an infant car seat adapter, cargo bag, head support, and accessory cross bar to mount accessories. However, there were two traits that set the Chinook apart from other trailers. While testing out the less costly trailers, I consistently found one flaw in common. If we were riding on roads that were bumpy or unfinished, the seat harness failed to hold Charlotte in place securely and she often ended slumped and looking extremely uncomfortable. This was a huge reason I fell in love with the Chinook. The Chinook five point harness is padded and supported by cushioned head and body support to keep your little one safe. This extra support adds comfort as well as safety, but best of all it had the additional feature of a reclining seat…no more droopy head when she fell asleep during our rides, Woohoo! The icing on the cake was the adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride, so I could continue to ride offroad and in nature.

The Chinook is a an amazing trailer, but does come with the hefty price tag of $1299.95. For the family that only intends to use this trailer periodically, an entry level trailer with less bells and whistles may be more appropriate. In addition to the price tag, all the additions and accessories make this trailer heavy, weighing in at 48.8 lbs without your little one inside. Combine that with the suspension, you will definitely not forget that the trailer is behind you. However, I like the challenge of cycling and enjoy knowing that every time I tow Charlotte in the trailer I am becoming that much more of a stronger cyclist, and most importantly, being able to enjoy my favorite past time with my family is a priority to me.

Our #1 Choice for helmets!

KaliprotectivesThe answer was simple for her. First and foremost was the protection of the helmet. Based on the construction of the helmet, Kali’s ability to absorb the energy of an impact was superior to Erin’s other helmets. There are two important parts of a helmet, the shell and an energy absorbing foam. Most helmet companies form the shell and the foam in different molds and then bond or glue them together afterwards which may cause air pockets or empty space that fails to absorb impact. Kali Protectives‘ energy absorbing foam is formed inside the actual shell allowing it to bond more completely without gaps or a third party glue. And why is this so important? This is a big deal, now, with no gap or third party bonding agent, impact energy is transferred directly to the foam resulting in a more efficient and evenly dispersed shock absorption with greatly reduced potential for failure. This technology will work to keep your head in the game!

Of course it’s important to protect your noggin, however Erin had a few other reasons why she chose her Kali helmet. One, it was light weight and comfortable, no headaches while riding or weird indents left after taking the helmet off. Two, the helmet allowed for superior ventilation which is obviously very important in Florida. Lastly, Kali helmets look sweet and didn’t make Erin look like a mushroom head! Come today and try out your new Kali helmet, you won’t be disappointed!

Erin’s Favorite Road Saddle

slr lady flow If you have ever been 40 miles into an 80 mile ride on the wrong saddle, you know how important saddle choice can be. If you experience numbness, aching or pain down your legs quickly, FIND ANOTHER SADDLE! Selle Italia’s SLR Lady Flow saddle keeps Erin happy and on her bike. After trying countless “favorite” saddle recommendations made by friends and other cyclists, Erin finally came across the Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow. The SLR Lady Flow saddle is made with a large center cut out to decrease pelvic pressure, foam padding for cushioning covered by long lasting, abrasion resistant leather. This saddle is lightweight and sleek, but if you aren’t used to a slim road saddle it may take your sit bones a little getting used to. The SLR Lady Flow is definitely on the top of our list of Breakaway favorites!

Best Commuter Bike Rack

topeak bagWhether you are thinking about starting to ride your bike to work or already a seasoned commuter, the Topeak Rack system is a must have! This stylish yet functional rack possesses Topeak’s QuickTrack technology that is compatible with any Topeak commuter bag or basket. All you have to do is slide, click and go! Just line up the QuickTrack base of your bag with the channels of the rack and it slides in quickly and securely! We love this item. It’s easy to use, easy to install and is the perfect must have accessory for your active lifestyle!